Our Story

tradition of family and a legacy of hard work.

Our story is one that echoes the pastoral history of the bread we bake, and it all began with master baker and pastry chef John Srour. Born in Lebanon in 1941, John began baking at the age of 13, learning the secrets and time-honored methods of traditional French and Arabic pastry.

John brought his skills and family to the United States. Eventually, John settled in Wichita where he began his wholesale pita operation, then called N&J Bakery. Soon N&J’s became a full service café and the wholesale operation resumed under the current moniker, John’s Pita Bakery. Today the business is owned and operated by two of John’s sons, Nicholas and Johnny Srour, who seek to further the legacy laid forth by their father.

Baked Fresh Daily

Our Philosophy

Dedication to product and client.

Our philosophy is one of dedication to product and client. John’s Pita strives to satisfy a mission that guarantees the fresh and the natural, in both our bread and our service. As a bakery, John’s aims to bring to the table the most wholesome bread possible. As a business, we seek to expand organically so as to remain loyal to the local community we service.

Add it all up and this considered approach amounts to becomes apparent. Tailored customer service focused on satisfaction, which backs up a product derived from careful attention to detail.

All Natural
No Preservatives

Our Pita

earnestly made and delivered fresh

Our pita is made earnestly and delivered fresh daily. Firing small batches of our bread in a brick oven. John's celebrates its honest approach to producing a superior pita. Five simple ingredients render a rustic pocket pita that stands to complement an array of toppigs, spreads, or dips. Stuff John's quality product full of your favorite ingredients and find that it is well suited for wraps of any variety.

From the color of the perfectly toasted thin walls of our pita to its outstandingly natural taste, John's Pita Bakery is confident that you shall soon find no substitute.